How To Be A Web Developer: What You’ll Need To Know

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There are  certain ways for you to become a developer which will be listed such as Embedded System, web development, and mobile app development. However, in this post, I would like to share you some essential skills to work as a web developer only.

Front-end skills

Web DeveloperFront-end development is also known as the client-side development which is frequently used for a website or web application so that a user can see and interact with them directly. If you are interested in designing and working with users, you need to constantly be aware of how is the field developing and other skills which are included:

  • HTML/CSS/the basics of Javascript (If you think that Js is a simple programming language, think again)
  • Some famous Front-end libraries including  Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, and EmberJS
  • Photoshop (designing websites) and the basic knowledge about UI/UX
  • LESS, SASS (stylesheet language)
  • Optimizing and minimizing HTML/CSS/JS using npm, grunt
  • Building responsive website and how to use Ajax

Front-end plays an important role in any web projects because the interface is the first thing that users can see and read information about the web. Therefore, it’s essential that Front-end developers not only need to design a website beautifully but also make it enough clear and easy to use so that they can do anything they want quickly as the same way Google does.

To improve your Front-end skills, you can begin with:

  • Series Head First, The Missing Manual (Head First HTML & CSS, jQuery The Missing Manual …)
  • Don’t make me think
  • The Design of Everyday Things

Back-end Skills

This refers to anything users can’t see in the browser, but it can help the system operate properly. the Back-end is something like users’ database and asymptotic notation. If front-end is considered the features of websites, the back end is a portion of an iceberg below the surface which must be required to help the data of front end be displayed. There are some skills required:

  • The programming server-side language like  C#, Java, Python and Ruby to write back end, and of course, you have to understand some things enclosed such as  ASP.NET MVC, Spring, Django, and Rails
  • The basics of SQL database ( MS SQL Server, MySQL), and the most up-to-date database noSQL including Neo4j, and MongoDB
  • Understanding about websites in general, and how to write Web Service, log in and other technical requirements

Back end is quite complicated and there are a lot of parts you must go through, but if you want to be a back-end developer, you should only focus on 3 main languages to avoid being confused. A code is another side of this language because there are lots of types and they seem so hard to everyone. Therefore, the better the structure using Solid, the faster it goes. Especially, with a higher level in the back-end, developers can quickly work as a System Analyst or Software Architecture.

Some books you should look for to improve your back-end skills:

  • Clean Code
  • Code Complete
  • Head First Design Pattern
  • C# in Depth, Pro .NET 4.5, Spring in Action, etc

Web analytics

There is a little difference between front end and back end in these days. Many people who can surprisingly master in both front end and back end, and it’s not rare anymore. This can be very useful because it can support you for understanding the way your web operates.

Furthermore, front-end and back-end developers can work in other fields using some frameworks such as Cordova (HTML, CSS, JS), Ionic, Window Phone App (C#) and mobile apps are given as an example. To work better, you can begin your journey with problem-solving and analytic skills by finding these books:

  • The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master
  • The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development
  • Getting Real
  • Cracking the Coding Interview: 150 Programming Questions and Solutions

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